Boss University Undergraduate Curriculum

Upon completion, you will:

– Earn a new credential: certified life coach
– Receive a framed diploma and graduation gift
– Get featured in the BOSS U graduates section online
– Have a basic website with payment/booking systems in place
– Have a toolkit of coaching techniques that you can use with clients and apply to your own personal and professional goals, too.
Coaching 101

This class covers: What life coaching is and isn’t. How coaching is different from other personal growth fields, like psychotherapy. Also, a discussion of what you can do with a coaching credential—set up your own coaching practice, do coaching full-time or part-time, or incorporate coaching into your current work/profession.

Thought work

This class covers: Thought work—the core of life coaching—which is the idea that you don’t have to “believe” every thought that comes into your mind. We can learn to question and challenge certain types of thoughts, replacing negative/unhelpful thoughts with better ones.

How to self coach

This class covers: The art of self coaching. You’ll use thought work on yourself, working on a real-life struggle that’s coming up in your life right now—like fear of public speaking, lack of motivation to exercise, perfectionism, procrastination, etc.

Accessing client belief systems

This class covers: How to encourage your clients to open up and share what’s really going on, how to read nonverbal cues, and how to identify belief systems that your client might not be fully aware that he/she holds.

Inspiration not instruction

This class covers: How to inspire your clients to pursue their own dreams and desires—rather than inadvertently imposing your own dreams onto them. How to inspire rather than instruct, and help your client arrive at his/her own decisions.

Turning motivation into action

This class covers: How to help your clients move from thinking/planning into action. Creating an accountability plan to keep your client in action-mode. Working through fear and resistance.

Discovering path and purpose

This class covers: How to help your clients answer the world’s toughest question: “What is my purpose?” Different ways to explore the idea of “life purpose” and what it means.

Coach Practicums

20 hours of supervised practice coaching with feedback after each session.

Ethics and Standards

This class covers: How to establish client policies (scheduling, cancellation, payment, partnership expectations) that are clear and fair. Also, how to identify when a client’s needs fall outside of your scope of practice.

Women and Coaching

This class covers: The unique challenges that women face when it comes to goal setting, achievement, self-confidence, earning potential, and personal and professional growth. How to help female clients find their voice, unlock their power, and stop “settling for less” in all areas of life.

What they want vs. what they need

This class covers: How to identify what your clients “want” (weight loss, a new job, a new relationship) versus what they “need” on a deeper level (self-love, stronger boundaries, the ability to speak up and take emotional risks), and how to help your client experience both types of result/reward.

Your signature services

This class covers: How to put together your signature coaching offerings/packages, and determine how you’d like to work with clients—on the phone, in person, 1-on-1, in group settings, on retreats, online, or a combination of services.

Selling your coaching services

This class covers: The 3-2-1 method for filling your client docket. Simple marketing techniques that don’t require any money or complicated techie skills. And, why “selling” really just means “inviting, inspiring, and helping.”

Telling your stories

This class covers: Why “vulnerability” is the key to a successful coaching practice. How to tell true stories about your life—online, on the phone, face to face, in every setting—to show clients who you really are, and draw the right clients to you.

Your first 100 days

This class covers: How to create a plan for your first 100 days as a certified coach, including: Setting up your website. Setting up your payment/booking systems. Using the 3-2-1 method to find clients. Everything you need to do to get your coaching practice up and running… and get things off to a strong start!