Boss University Graduate Curriculum

Upon completion, you will:

– Earn a new credential: master certified life coach
– Receive a framed diploma and graduation gift
– Get featured in the BOSS U graduates section online
– Have a toolkit of advanced coaching techniques that you can use with clients and apply to your own personal and professional goals, too.
– Feel deeper confidence in your coaching abilities, and a clearer sense of what makes you unique, valuable, and hirable.
– See a clear path to the “next level” of your coaching practice, whether that includes new coaching programs and revenue streams, a new book, podcast, live onstage talks, media appearances, or all of the above.
Amplifying your art

This class covers: Identifying what you do best as a coach—your gift, your art—and how to amplify your artistry even more.

Lessons in boldness

This class covers: Being bold does not always mean being “loud.” How to discover your own personal version of boldness, wisdom, and strength and express it to your clients—even more than you already do.

Disruption and culture change

This class covers: Using coaching as a tool to start important conversations, open hearts, and change minds. Disrupting racism. Disrupting bigotry. Disrupting diet culture. Using your influence as a coach to not only change individual lives, but change our entire culture.

Strengthening your platform

This class covers: Advanced storytelling, marketing, and publicity techniques to help you grow your audience, build a devoted fanbase, and clarify exactly which types of topics/messages you want to be “known” for.

Becoming an icon

This class covers: Diving even deeper into what makes you special and unique as a coach. Analyzing iconic women (from Madonna to Ruth Bader Ginsburg) to see how bold choices and strong voices create an unmistakable brand—and shift the world.

Shaping the next chapter

This class covers: Defining the next chapter of your coaching career. Dreaming expansively and courageously, beyond the typical online coaching business models. Perhaps you’d like to create… a mentorship program for girls that’s held in every public school in the state. A practice specializing in working with activists and political leaders. Or a series of luxurious retreats in far-flung destinations. What is your legacy going to be? Whatever you envision… is create-able.